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Voice Over for Dragon Energy Book Trailer


This book is far beyond Dragons and fantasy.


We explore and describe in some detail several old and new ways to get energy

And more of it.


All of which we refer to in this book as

Dragon Energy.


The dragon myths of all time

And in all cultures

Are metaphors

To take us on our own Hero’s Journey.


We use a blending of both our research

Into how traumas affect us

And reframe this with

Modern psychological and natural spiritual terms

Into the guided steps of becoming a Survivor

And then a Thriver.


To illustrate this we tell our own stories of

Our Hero’s Journey.

On page 184 of Dragon Energy

We chart this inner growth

From confusion

To our Dragon Energy showing us gratitude

For everything in life.

It doesn’t really matter if we call this Energy



Holy Spirit,

Ruach ha Kadosh,

Or Dragon Energy


It is our God Given right

To evolve to all that

God wants us to be.


Not an old man with a long white beard

That sits in judgement of us,

But an intelligent Energy that

Pervades the Universe.

This Energy is beyond words, in

Wisdom and

Unconditional Love.


It knows that just as an acorn

Contains the potential for its identity,

A giant oak tree,

We, too,

Contain the potential at birth

For our Soul to develop

To its fullest

In this lifetime.

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