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Ciruelo Cabral Barbara and Charles Whitfield

Barbara and Charles with Ciruelo Cabral, 2018

Barbara Thinking Allowed

Barbara on Thinking Allowed, 2016

Ciruelo Cabral Barbara Whitfield

Barbara with Ciruelo Cabral, 2015


Lilly and Charlie

Biography Channel Shot Barbara Whitfield

Barbara on Biography Channel

Alabama PTV Barbara Whitfield

Barbara on Alabama Public TV

Charles Whitfield Lawrence Edwards

Charlie with Lawrence Edwards (author of Foreword to Dragon Energy) at a conference

Charles Barbara Whitfield Jyoti The Power of Humility

Charlie and Barbara with Jyoti --

co-authors of The Power of Humility

Last supper food fight Charles Whitfield

Last supper food fight

Larry King Live April, 1990 Barbara Whitfield Sharon Cormier

Barbara and Sharon Cormier (co-author of AFGEs) on Larry King Live circa 1990

Barbara Whitfield Capital Hill Senate Near-experiences

Barbara as a guest speaker on Capital Hill (Washington DC) presenting research on Near-Experiences at a Senate brunch

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