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Understanding our Inner Life and Inner Healing: Victim to Survivor to Thriver



I (BW) wrote my 6th book Victim to Survivor and Thriver in 2011. At the time, I was unaware that to become a Survivor and eventually a Thriver, we could ask/pray for an assistant to our healing work that Charles and I now call early “Dragon Energy.”

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield / January 4th, 2021

All of the characteristics of movement in the Survivor and Thriver column below are aided by Dragon Energy.


Whitfield B, Victim to Survivor and Thriver (2011 Muse House Press), Dragon Energy (2019 Muse House Press)

We first heard the term “Dragon Energy” from the way Kayne West described Donald Trump’s Energy. Everyone who follows Trump is amazed by his boundless Energy and his connection to God. Depending on your beliefs, Dragon Energy can also be called Ki, Chi, Holy Spirit, Ruach ha Kadosh, or even Kundalini. In each belief system this boundless Energy comes from God and comes through us to be an agent of God’s Eternal Love.

Years later we found this good graphic illustration of the Victim-Survivor-Thriver process of healing that we show below. Of course the first figure represents the Victim, then the Survivor and then Thriver. We note that the Thriver is looking upward and with humility as though to God or a Higher Power.


Figure 18. The VàSàT Process

Victim Survivor Thriver

This process goes back to and is similar to that of • ancient and current Alchemy, • working through the Chakras and • spans to our current 2020 trauma recovery of Adult Children of Trauma and which we have published 24 books on since 1987 including Healing the Child Within, A Gift to Myself, Core Issues, Spiritual Awakenings, The Natural Soul, The Power of Humility and 19 other books. Our latest book Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality is a compilation and an expansion of current and ancient healing.

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