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The Great Awakening:

Doorways to Our Soul


Author’s note. As I reread this final chapter in my 1994 book Spiritual Awakenings, it struck me how far ahead of it’s time this writing remains. I had just finished six years of Medical School research on the after-effects for people like me who believed in nothing and suddenly awoke to Eternity filled with God’s Unconditional Love. Since then, we have learned of many other “triggers” for The Great Awakening.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield / December 11th, 2020

(See my article The Great Awakening where I list many other triggers including the Trauma/Transcendence interface which many of us are experiencing right now.)

Living in Unconditional Love 1 Each transformational journey is unique. There is not one ideal state of being or one destination. This process varies as each individual varies. There is, however, one ideal we all share, and that is unconditional love. Unconditional love is happy doing many things that ego is bored with. It is blatantly different from egoic love, with its desires and power plays.

It leads in a different direction, toward the goodness, the value and the needs of the people around us. Loving ourselves, we can negotiate our willingness to work with other people’s moods, problems and difficult points. And by developing healthy boundaries, others can’t project their unfinished business onto us in a way that could hurt. Unconditional love then allows deeper penetration through layers of ourselves. It becomes the last context we can create for ourselves before we must finally let go and just be. Letting Go—Again and Again The action or non-action, that experiencers describe as their Near-Death Experience (NDE) begins is surrender or letting go. Charles Whitfield repeats the theme of letting go (in his Classical book Healing the Child Within) when he lists the first of his three factors in transforming our attachment to our false self to living as our True Self. The type of sex described in Chapter 10 (of Spiritual Awakenings) begins with letting go. So does meditation, Health Communications, Inc Deerfield Beach FL. Chapter 12

Free-form prayer or any type of energy work. We let go of our egos, we stand aside and make room for God’s Presence. Often in our transformational journey, when we have stood on the threshold of each new level, surrendering or letting go was the key that allowed us to move forward. Surrendering takes new courage every time, but it gets us out of our own way, and we grow. What is required of us to move forward from the threshold and into the Light-filled level of God’s Unconditional Love is to let go.

Healing began for many of us in our spiritual awakenings, as we realized we no longer needed to be victims because there was no longer any value in holding onto our pain, so we can finally let it go. This theme, subtle as it may have once been, becomes a current flowing through the changes that make. We let go of our past and live in the present moment.

When I am whole, when I am living as my True Self, standing in the light of my own soul, I can help the people I love by being present with them and loving them unconditionally. But I can’t fix anyone. I surrendered my ego’s need to control this reality I share with my loved ones and moved into the larger Reality, where my inner life and the Light of unconditional love work together. As I moved into balance, my relationships moved into balance. As I give everyone around me the space to be who they are, which is also unconditional love, I’m giving myself the same space. One of the rules of the Universe becomes so obvious: We treat others as we want to be treated and then everything we give out comes back.

Unconditional Love Love is different from what I had once believed before my awakening. It is different from what my ego wanted, different from the Hollywood fantasies of inflated enchantment. Love turns out to be what I am, rather than what my ego demands. Love is the power within our core that affirms and values another person rather than the ideal our egos would like them to be, the projection that flows from our false self. Love is the inner God who opens our blind eyes to the beauty, value and quality of the other person. Love causes us to value that person as a total, individual self, and this means that we accept the negative side as well as the positive, the imperfections as well as the admirable qualities. When one truly loves the human being rather than the projection, one loves and accepts the other person’s totality.

God held me in my life review, and I experienced the pain and the love I had been responsible for in all my relationships for 32 years. Since then, in uncovering and working to heal my True Self I have experientially realized that my True Self is unconditional love already there waiting to just be. All I have to do is be authentically who I am. I am unconditional love at my core. My True Self is a mirror of God’s unconditional love. Therefore when we, as the little mirror hooks up with the Big One, God the Creator, unlimited amounts of unconditional love result.

This allows deeper and deeper penetration through these layers of questions I cannot yet answer. Unconditional love becomes the last context we can create for ourselves before we must finally let go and just be. In my NDE, the doorway that opened in this reality and let me go through to the bigger Reality we call “death” has opened again. This is not just in meditation, but here and now. It feels like this. Every time I ask for help with a relationship, almost immediately help happens in ways I could have never predicted. This help comes through prayer and meditation. And it is always softer and more loving than I could have imagined. And it comes with integrity and tenderness—there are no painful confrontations except an occasional loving confrontation where I am flooded with knowledge about myself, the other person or the relationship.

It appears to me as though I am back in my life review. I can feel what the other is feeling. I can see the bigger picture. The Reality of the other side is this Reality, too, And I can trust God’s Divine Energy to work in others as it is working in me. Sometimes what I learn about the other person is not what I had wanted that person to be. However, unconditional love for me remains firm. Real love begins only when one person comes to know another for what that person really is as a human being. We get closer to the whole picture, the truth of who another is and who we are. This reality now is interchangeable with my original life review.

I am aware of God’s presence and I am aware that I have the choice of choosing pain or choosing love, choosing projection or expanding and becoming my potential. We know that each one of us is a unique reflection of God. Not to develop to our potential is to deny God another facet of Its being. For me, time and space are different from the way they were before my awakening. Each day, each new experience has the quality of the bubbles in my life review. I move from bubble to bubble, co-creating my life with God’s Energy of unconditional love. And the Light outshines the darkness. I am learning to let go every moment and accept all of my experience—courage and fear, celebration and pain, expansiveness and limitation. Staying tough and tender at the same time, this strength is coming from my core or Child Within/real self. Every one of us who struggles to learn unconditional love is giving birth to that Child. The faint inner voice that awakened in our spiritual experience is now the Child we have searched for, given birth to and now embrace, bonding in unconditional love.

And so it is at this level of human consciousness. We passed through this reality into the Reality of the bigger consciousness, each in our own way, through these experiences our reality:

1) nearly dying,

2) meditation,

3) asking in prayer,

4) bottoming out,

5) giving birth,

6) spontaneously,

7) in a dream,

8) facing trauma head on (trauma/transcendence interface)

9) using psychedelics, and so on.

We are removed from our limited existence and come face to face with the Universe.

Then we are suddenly back here, and some like me will struggle with this new awareness, and then finally learn to let go and let God. It is not that we were chosen—it is that we chose God. We opened to God. Then we choose to invite unconditional love, the action of Divine Energy, into our lives. We live our own potential, And it hits us one day, probably the same day we notice it is the same on both sides of Reality: We are all inside God, and God is making love through us! God’s Will When all six billion of us live life sharing unconditional love, we may become the synergy of God. We take our conflicting currents and turn them into harmony. We transcend right and wrong, Yin and Yang, and unite our opposites, We heal the split and embrace something new, something born from balance. This is what the mystery of God may be. It is not an easy task, but ultimately it is the one we may have been given, God’s will is our highest human potential, shared.

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