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Fall of the Cabal



The deeper we go into trying to understand what is going on right now in our world—the more aware I (Barbara) have become of my own tribe and our fear of anti-Semitism, for myself, my loved ones, and my tribe.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / April 13th, 2021

As psychotherapists, psych researchers, and authors of scholarly peer-reviewed journal papers and self-help books, we have submerged ourselves into the world of our human inner life. Since we became aware of the growing conflicts, brainwashing, and dumbing down of the mainstream media (MSM), we have observed and studied what they are proclaiming about racism — or the manufacturing of racism by the MSM and the cabal.

We realize that all of us are afraid of something. We are being threatened from every angle and perhaps the Great Awakening is being born through all of us realizing that it’s not just us individually or our individual tribe— not just the tribe we identify with — but that this is much bigger. It is global. This is no longer one group against another. This is Good vs. Evil. 

Evil is using racism to keep us afraid and separate!


The Great Uniter maybe when we wake up enough to put down our separate identity and the fears that come with it and join together to fight evil. 

All factions including Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Islamists, Buddhists, Republicans, Democrats, etc include good people and terrible people, more diabolical than we could ever imagine because we have a moral compass. The evil ones don’t have any morals at all. They can lie, cheat, rape and murder without a conscience. They lack the ability to identify with their victims, to care at all if they are creating pain or taking someone’s life.

As Herman Cain said, “There is only one race — the human race.” 

So as we say, “There is only one tribe — the human tribe.”

The cabal is against us. They have left our human tribe. They are basically leaning toward the worst ego possible- they embrace the dark to a point where our hearts and minds can’t understand or accept who they are or what they do because it is so humanly destructive. 

Are we spinning our wheels or wasting our energy on individual fears — to obsess over one type of racism or faith and ignore the bigger, more dangerous problems that have invaded our planet for much longer than we know.

Are the devil worshipers using racism as a cover?

We are calling for all of us to let the individual fears that keep us distracted, isolated, and exhausted– to face the bigger, biggest fear that is plaguing mankind. 

We must educate ourselves now on what is really going on because we may never get another chance if this evil spreads and takes over as it seems to be doing now.

Here is the link to a new documentary that has ten episodes. The first eight put together all the steps the cabal has used to now. It is the first time we have seen everything put together in one presentation. Then, the last two episodes show what is on our side now and the hope we need to rise up against the real threat. 

Courage is knowing we are scared or concerned and doing what needs to be done anyway – with our fear. We believe that this brilliant presentation contains the truth and the courage we need to join together as the human race and end this massive criminal sub-human cabal.

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