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Political Correctness No More



Our families have heard us mumbling about the chaos that is hidden by the mainstream media and our frustration that half our nation knows nothing or thinks the chaos is all “conspiracy theory.” After reading this channel we are attaching below, we realized that it is time to stop the mumbling, stop letting those that don’t know – know that this is not a conspiracy or a conspiracy theory.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L Whitfield MD / April 28th, 2021

Here is a quote from this monthly channel from Ellen Dosick, a social worker and Rabbi’s wife who we met years ago. (She and Wayne Dosick, her Rabbi husband came to hear me, Barbara present a talk about the research into Near-Death Experiences when we were out in San Diego. They stayed well into the evening as we non-stop talked about natural spirituality.)

Here is Ellen’s quote and at the bottom of this is the link to the whole channel where she talks about 3D transforming to 5D. BTW, Charlie and I have been writing a lot about our planet moving from 3D to 5D. If you are interested in this subject and right now we should all be because this is happening. It’s the good side of all this “stuff” we are going through. It is in our Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality and in our articles for Stillness in the Storm. These articles can also be found on our website:

Ellen writes, “It is a dangerous thing when polarities are let loose of their moorings, and when nothing is held in balance. It is a scary experience to lose the middle, to lose the center. It is overwhelming. And indeed, many of you are feeling broken and ripped apart inside, as fragmented pieces of you fly around, cutting you up with their sharp edges. Many of you are watching your families fall apart, as angry shards sever fragile, tender relationships. Some of you are truly going “over the edge,” feeling unable to navigate inside these storm conditions. All of you recognize the wildness of the world and what you hear in your “news”, and wonder if all of this is survivable.”

Bottom Line:

We are in a full-blown war. There may not be any loud battles with tanks and bombers — but it is just as brutal because our freedom and our money — our ability to be independent — is slipping into a black hole while Fascism is in place in many aspects of our lives — AND HALF THE COUNTRY DOESN’T KNOW IT. It’s not just us — our friends in Spain, people we know in other countries all over the world are in the same predicament. 

Now here’s where it really gets crazy. Many of these people who are the “bad guys” are Satanists and they believe in sacrificing — well, let’s just say this is so diabolical that our minds can’t begin to understand or accept what this is about at the very root of Evil.

We hear that Biden is not our “legal president.” The election of Nov. 3rd will be shown in Arizona, and then here in Georgia, then Michigan, Penn and Wisconsin to be a fraud. The U.S. Military has never allowed Biden into the Pentagon Politics and so far still recognizes Trump as their leader because they are actually loyal to the Constitution. 

Gitmo has been processing the bad guys for the past year or more. A big link here is Jeffrey Epstein and Glaine Maxwell who have been blackmailing our leaders and other leaders all over the world who have been flying to his pedo island to have sex with underage little girls. There is proof of all of this.

Finally, Political correctness is exactly what they discuss in the Fascist/Socialist/ Communist rule book. We can no long remain quiet. We must call this what it is. We are experiencing an attempted takeover by a worldwide CABAL who are loyal to a Communist way of life and have NO moral compass.

We have been reading Ellen Dosick’s channels called “Cosmic Times” for years and she is always (or they are) clear about us and what this is doing to us. Here’s the link to this month, with her permission.

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