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Traits of Dragon Energy:




The traits of Dragon Energy (DE) are here to help us.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield / December 11th, 2020

They are the built in personal Reality that helps explain that this natural Energy is in us ─ as us. Just as learning of our own death as being a trip into the Light, we believe that Dragon Energy is already and always in us to help us grow, feel gratitude, joy, courage, and more. 

Whether you like him or not, President Trump’s drive and enthusiasm are one of his many traits that over half of us marvel at. It was Kayne West who first named Trump’s energy as being Dragon Energy

Let’s look into the qualities and characteristics of Dragon Energy so we can identify them in ourselves:

The 17 Qualities and Characteristics of Dragon Energy 

1 – Courage is to acknowledge our fear and still address what we are afraid of. Then we can decide how to act or not.       

2 – Self-responsibility / being responsible

3 – Creativity / being creative                                  

4 – Realness / Being Real

5 – Attentiveness – ability to listen to others

6 – Fully Conscious/raised Awareness, awakening  

7 – Protectiveness

8 – Strength

9 – Optimistic 

10 – Positive Attitude – becomes joyful.Positivity makes it easier to accept joy 

11 – Zest for Life

12 – Sense of Humor

13 – Humility, non-judgmental, non-defensive

14 – Playfulness

15 – Integrity being Real and Responsible over time

16 – Loving

17 – No ego – Let it go

Of course, these DE qualities and characteristics are about us – we humans – in our relationship with our self, others and how we relate to this ages-old mythical figure. 

Of these 17, we can boil them down to 7 Basic Parts – 

These are the 7 basic Qualities and Characteristics. 

Finding Our Personal Dragon Energy


Dragon Energy is our natural energy.

It is mostly hidden until we find it and use it for our psycho-spiritual growth.

The goal is not to get happy and rich.

                     The goal is to get Real and then have peace.

Dragon Energy becomes alive for us when we find our own built in Energy and live it.

Basically, it’s letting go of our ego and being Real ……………………………..                  

        . . . one day at a time. 

We can personally test our own Dragon Energy by dropping our ego and being real.

Charles and I have attended Dragon Con every year since 2015. 

The painting below by Ciruelo, was on the DC program in 2015. There were posters of it too celebrating Dragon Con 2015.

Ciruelo, his beautiful wife, Daniela and their almost adult children Angelo and Lys and Charlie and I became fast friends. And the next year, 2016 they flew in from Spain a week early to stay with us and sightsee.


For the next three years, at the DC art show, I focused on the original of  this painting above, wondering what it was that kept drawing me to it. Finally, Dragon Con 2018, I was thrilled to buy the original painting that he called “Flight Instructors.” When I look at it – it takes me back to my moment when I muscled up my courage. 

I left my old life and with acknowledging my fear, jumped into my new life. I look at this painting now every day and it brings back what I learned when I jumped. I learned what real courage is. We feel the fear and we do it anyway even though we don’t know what will happen next. We jump because we are listening to the voice of our inner values and integrity. 

Those faeries and that gentle Dragon were with me the whole time. 

Every synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) that urged me to let go and fly is represented by the faeries. It was not the frenetic energy of fear that drove with me when I moved from south Florida to Connecticut. It was the Dragon Energy that was my foundation of strength even though I was fearful. I look at the Dragon in this painting and I gratefully thank it for being with me. Dragon Energy is mainly ineffable ─ but it is also almost palpable. 

If we ignore or are numb to our fear ─ and do something anyway ─ that may appear to be insanity. But if we are scared and ─ do it anyway with full  knowledge of our fear – that is courage. 

I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own Consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do that. 

Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out, giving birth to a new way of being. Then we can manifest our birthright of living in a peaceful and abundant world. 

Everything in the physical world is made from atoms. Atoms are made from energy. And energy is made from consciousness.


There are usually no coincidences or accidents. Nothing has to happen by chance or default. Everything we are experiencing is a direct manifestation of where we are focusing our energy, attention and consciousness

When we are consciously aware of the energy that we are self-activating and projecting, we have the ability to initiate and direct our energy. 

Living only in the physical, mental and emotional realm limits our energy. Tap into our Spiritual dimension, and our Energy is limitless. 

Below is my (Charles) color painting I made from Ciruelo’s drawing from page 7 of our recently expanded book Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality. 

                          We are Each our Own Hero

Who is the Hero who is moving under the 3 Veils into their personal Dragon Energy? It is each of us. The Hero is you, I and each of us ─ who can find, activate and experience these powerful characteristics.

Not knowing there are effective ways to heal, most people try to function through their false self (ego) which is essentially default living. Default living is our experience wherein our ego tends to run our life.  

To help wake up, we can individually go under and through each Veil. 

Here, we can begin our personal process of 

  1. Dropping our ego and getting real. This is the most powerful action we can do to increase our Dragon Energy.

  2. Name everything accurately and explore our inner and outer reality.  This choice avoids the PC trap (thinking, talking and living in political correctness lowers our Dragon Energy) and opens us to finding peace. Then we can learn to move under the third Veil and ─

  3. Connect to God experientially. Doing this expands and strengthens our Dragon Energy. We can use daily meditation, prayer, God contemplation, and visualization (as described in countless spiritual texts, including The Law of One, as described in The Ra Contact I & II).


Identifying the 3 Veils to Expanding Our Dragon Energy Table S.2. page 14


Please re-read any of this above and use it to activate and strengthen your Courage and more.

The Three Veils to Dragon Energy ©Charles Whitfield 2019


Dragon energy

We cannot make love happen. 

It happens spontaneously when conditions are right. 

Similarly, we cannot make awareness happen.   

It happens spontaneously when conditions are right.

All we can do is pray and create situations where these qualities can arise.

We can look for the qualities of Dragon Energy, 

And we can look for them in ourselves. 

Eventually, with practice 

Our Dragon Energy becomes so recognizable

That our awareness grows and acknowledges —

Our courage, enthusiasm and whatever we need for each new challenge. 

This action helps us by realizing that it is rising up in us 

As opposed to trying hard to think it up.

Dragon Energy and its qualities arise from within our heart, 

Rather than thinking it up in our heads.

Become aware of what our hearts are trying to tell us 

And we fall in love with ourselves and our Dragon Energy.

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