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OpEd: I’m as Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore!


Those were the words that we all heard many years ago from Peter Finch playing Howard Beale in the excellent film Network.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / February 16th, 2021

For a while we were all repeating it and then it disappeared into the ethers. I think now is the time to bring that statement back!

I’ve been a writer for 35 years, not starting until my late 40s when offered a contract with Simon and Schuster for what they called, “My personal Memoir.” This was certainly “beginner’s luck” because I had a near-death experience (NDE) and was a researcher actually looking at the experience and how it changes people.

Our findings were all about Love being what life is really all about. We become caregivers in every way imaginable. Our research showed after-effects of compassion for others, our seeing everyone as “us” and our new feeling of life being an adventure. This has been shown over and over by researchers across the world.

Two dozen books later, addressing love and compassion in every way possible, every angle with my now-husband, physician, and bestselling author Charles Whitfield. We write about ways to heal, ways to help ourselves give up our old baggage so we can be clear. And when we finally get “clear” we find that at our core – we are love. What we have been looking for elsewhere – love, respect, honor – are in our core. We learn that looking elsewhere gets us nowhere. We are everything we are looking for and it happens when we work on ourselves and release our old wounds or “old baggage.”

Charlie and I are moving into our 80s. We’ve done our work on ourselves and continue helping others on this extraordinary path to wholeness. The path or journey is as much a gift as arriving at our goal—we are whole – we are Spiritual beings having a human experience.

Low and behold – having arrived at our destination and still be here in this body – was supposed to be “heaven on Earth.” We aren’t “elderly.” We are the “elders.” We are the growth tip of evolution.

“Huh?” Why can’t we elders relax into our promised reward? These are the golden years we were promised. I can see them. I can touch them – but I can’t live them because of this huge lie we are watching. Who are these evil people who have stolen our peace? Who are these liars who look us (and the camera) in the face and swear to their lies.

Now we have to swallow the fact that these evil liars are sexually abusing our babies. These same people have made it all right to abort babies as they are born. These are the same people who told us they never want to waste a crisis and proved it by politicizing a “plandemic!” Biden (their so-called “leader”) looked right into the camera and told us they have the biggest Election Fraud Network ever! Are you getting this? They are telling us exactly how they are breaking our laws and our courts won’t do anything.

Where is our rage? I’m sitting on mine every day now. But wait. I am a near-death experiencer. I’m supposed to love life and everyone in it. I’m supposed to live out my life in bliss! Horse crap! I am outraged at our so-called “government.” How dare they make billions of dollars personally while breaking our backs! We are the slaves. We are the sheeple. Why can’t my Liberal friends see this? They keep drinking the cool-aid and telling me not to talk about this.

Not me! I’m talking! I’m furious. I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to confront Nancy Pelosi and all the Dems who say I am a racist. They are using racism as a way to separate us. This is a nightmare we are living through.

I know “The best is yet to come.” But that promise is not soothing my anger at these twisted evil cabal people that look us in the face and lie about everything.

Now the Supreme Court has turned down the cases we were hanging our hope on. First, our cases were too early and now they are too late. Three rows of fences with razor wire on top – around OUR capital, our courts, and our Whitehouse. Are we locked out or are they locked in?

We want answers and we want them now. God gave us a backbone! Now let’s use it.

When Disney fired Gina Carano for texting our sentiments – I canceled Disney. When Ben Shapiro invited Gina to join with The Daily Wire and make films together – I joined the Daily Wire. Our voices can be heard financially. Let’s cancel these evil people by taking back our power. Money is power and never again will I bend to their gaslighting.

Donald Trump, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell and many more of their team and now Gina Carano are our role models. God Bless them and God Bless America.

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