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Best Doctors in America


For our readers to know ─ we ─ Barbara and I ─ do more than write books and articles.
We are also clinicians.

[A clinician helps a sick person alleviate the effect/s of their illness]

We continue to see people in our clinical practice who come to us for assistance in their healing from various medical and psychological problems or symptoms.

Barbara has been my co-leader in the group psychotherapy that we have conducted weekly since we started practicing in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997.
She has also co-authored several of my books.

Since 1994 my peers selected me as being among the top 4% of physicians who practice in my specialty area (Addiction Medicine, Trauma Psychology, including PTSD, psychiatry and problems in living).

They call this credit The Best Doctors in America.

Dr Charles Whitfield has been honored by his peer physicians to be Selected for inclusion in The Best Doctors in America® every year from 1994 to 2020.
26 years in a row.

Please see the letter from Best Doctors and the front and back of their brochure as attached.

Best Drs 2020.jpg
Best Drs Flyer 2 2020.jpg
Best Drs Flyer 2020.jpg
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