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A different view on the Corona Virus:

Re-framing Ourselves


Today’s mutual dilemma is COVID-19. We each have to deal with this and the many other issues we each face. Re-framing ourselves will help us manage each.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield / March 24, 2020

We Can Find a Gift During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Could our COVID 19 virus experience be the chaos coming before our personal and potentially collective Renaissance?

This new virus pandemic may not be so much about worrying about sickness and death. This Stay-at-Home pandemic gives each of us an opportunity to become still, quiet and grow. Using this down time to re-frame ourselves we can transfigure it from being a “curse” into a Gift in disguise.

Here and Now, we can slow down and turn within, into our personal and sacred inner life. Now we have a great and positive opportunity. We can shut out the noise and demands of the world that have kept us in such a state of mad and frustrating Do-ing that somehow, in the mess, we lost the meaning of our BE-ing-ness. We were perhaps forgetting Who We Are — and falling off the cliff into a meaningless Void.

Opportunity and Synchronicity

Through our experience with healing from this virus we are each getting a unique kind of second chance. It can be a kind of reset button that takes each of us back to our original and recurring questions about our existence:
Who Am I?
What am I doing here (on this planet)?
Where am I going?
What do I want to happen in my life?

And how can I live so that I and others will be blessed by my presence?

In all the Do-ing noise, we haven’t been able to hear or honor these, our perennial questions and personal answers in a long time.

Our New Opportunity through Re-framing

Our New Opportunity is not a negative or a kind of destruction. Instead, our experience of this virus can become a Re-construction from within, from our attending to our inner life and how we are relating to the people, places and things in our outer life. Relating to our family, mates, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, boss and all. Do-ing is too often like a treadmill. Be-ing is an adventurous opportunity to become our Real Self.

In her current published writing, Ellen Dosick LCSW said “Renaissance means ReBirthing. This is a Renaissance.”

A New Soul (Personal and Collective) is Birthing

Are we being given an opportunity that is so obvious that we can’t see it?

We are being “ordered” to stay home! In our re-frame state, we can choose to love staying home instead! How often do we get the chance to go within and without and just “Be?” Or is “Being” something so foreign to our way of thinking that it might be “scary.” If we are locked inside of our place with our kids that’s one thing. In our re-frame, it’s also an opportunity to sit with them and watch some of their most creative and interesting classes online aimed at their age group that can be fun for us too. Asking for their responses to their learning experiences can open up a conversation on their level that we can all enjoy.


I, Barbara recently took a vacation with my ten year old granddaughter. We shared a room and a bed. Every evening she read me to sleep. What a thrill! Reading with our children brings back a time when things were slow.


If you are elders of our “tribe,” then there is an even bigger opportunity to have conversations with ourselves and our mates. We can ask our own selves, “When is the last time I checked in with myself or checked in with my mate?”


There are so many opportunities online and in books to learn. When Be-ing gets Boring, check out Dennis Prager’s half-hour Fireside Chats. Ted Talks can have engaging short talks. But let us discuss more about the new birthing that is taking place on our planet.

Home is in Our Heart

Here’s an opportunity to go into our inner life and explore. Dosick continues “Can you begin to feel your Hope and Joy, Love and Gratitude rising, when you are able to perceive this pandemic from this perspective?”


This pandemic may not be about dying. This pandemic is about slowing down, getting still and being quiet. It is about shutting out the noise and demands of the world that have kept us in such a state of mad Doing that somehow, in the mess, we lost the meaning of our BEingness. We have been in danger of completely forgetting Who We Are.


This period of time for us is a Renaissance. We are being sent into the quiet wombs of our homes and our BEings, like the caterpillar is sent into the cocoon — we are in the midst of a great metamorphosis. And as we emerge, it will be as New BEings, ready and able to co-create a New World.

Barbara’s Re-framing Experience

A perfect example of this happened to me, Barbara in 1975. After severe back surgery I had a near-death experience (NDE). It was totally confusing me. Then I was placed in a full body cast for six months after the surgery. I weighed 83 pounds at the time because I had suffered for 2 years with the pain and pain killers. The cast weighed 30 pounds. I was home for that six months and couldn’t move much.


Later I met Raymond Moody MD, PhD, author of the first best seller on NDEs Life After Life. He reframed my experience as being in a cocoon when I was in the cast because the Life Review I experienced in the NDE was so powerful. I needed that time out to slowly understand and allow myself to drop the painful parts of my ego and become my authentic True Self. In those six months I learned how to honor my Soul. Now, confined to our homes, I again have the opportunity to catch up with myself again.

DOing has helped us to survive.

We are wired first to DO. BEing is harder. This pandemic is calling on all of us to slow down and stop DOing. It is a time to learn how to BE, and we are Being rewired and restructured in this direction. Refer to Figure 1: From 0D to 5D below for a visual. Our new soul is Being born or reborn. This new soul enables us to stand as “transitional figures” to assist all Human Beings as they are growing from 3D to 5D.”

From 3D to 5D

In our new book Dragon Energy we described an expanded and new description of healing our too often painful human condition.


We defined and showed the dynamics of 3D and 5D here. Each of us has available all of this healing from whatever inner mental and/or physical pain we may have. We name and use the inner work we do within these increasing 3D, 4D (the portal into 5D), and 5D Dimensions. Doing any or all of this can be empowering as we consciously ─ over time ─ self-raise our Dragon Energy.

The Characteristics of Dragon Energy

The qualities and characteristics of Dragon Energy are positive and healthy. These include realness/being real, self responsibility, being creative, courageous, attentive, fully conscious, and more as we describe throughout our book. 


Consider using a geometric visual aid as a potential element into expanding our life here (Figure 1 below is also on pages 19 and 20 of Dragon Energy). Whenever we have an issue, problem, conflict or difficulty at any time throughout our day or night, we can remember these geometric visuals as offering us more potential paths and choices. Please study them for what each image could mean for you now and in the future.

Figure 1: From 0D to 5D


What might they offer? These images are a series of geometric metaphors for ideas to help increase our Dragon Energy via our mind’s great built-in ability we have included throughout our Dragon Energy book. This of course is our creative imagination. (What might the glowing light upper left signify? God’s Eternal Light? Something else?) Notice that 5D has the glowing light too. We know we are in 5D when we recognize a direct connection with God

We originated in 3D and are designed for 3D. 3D is like seeing in black and white only. What we are proposing now with 5D is like telling us that there is such a thing as color. In order to make room for the 5D paradigms to emerge, we need to enjoy our quiet time, this respite and begin to use our creative imagination to allow new ideas to flow in to our Being. The pandemic is enabling this to happen. A good example lies in Italy’s past.

COVID-19 Requires Worldwide Re-framing

Italy is being hit hard by the pandemic because Italy has been through more plagues and epidemics than any other place — which enabled it also to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. Renaissance means ReBirth. This is what we and our world are experiencing!”


Our COVID-19 virus experience is the chaos coming before our personal and collective Renaissance. Our only responsibility is ─ if we choose ─ for each of us to heal ourselves. When enough of us follow this path of healing, it will help to heal the rest of us and the world because we will understand the path. Instead of “us against them” we will create a healing atmosphere where we take our brothers and sisters all over the world by the hand and become the oneness mentality that heals and unifies. All of this becomes a joy when we ask for this in prayer. Prayer takes us into the 5D realm. Watching this work brings us more gratitude and more 5D connections with God. When we all join together, Earth transforms into Heaven. 

God has a dream–

And the dream comes True

When we all awaken together.

Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield

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