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Calling on all Grandparents, Bubbies and Zadie’s, Nanas and Papas, Mums, Abuelas etc. To Come Forward and Protect our Young



The only videos online that I enjoy watching right now are the ones at School Board Meetings where a parent gives an emotional plea to stop any semblance of Critical Race Theory from being incorporated into the school’s teaching plans. Some news outlets that are telling the truth are calling these parents “Mama Bears and Papa Bears.”

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / August 22nd, 2021

Watching these emotional outpourings of parents who are awake or waking up to the threats to our youngest generation gives me hope, hope that the Swamp will not be able to gaslight our youngest generation. And while these Mama and Papa bears are at it – I hope they petition to bring back Civics and other classes that teach about Patriotism and ethical thinking.

The story behind this picture above with the Woman made up to be a tigress holding a tiger cub:

My granddaughter Lilly who we were in daycare for from the age of 6 weeks to 6 years, 9-6, Monday through Friday insisted I buy this picture a few years ago when she was around 9 or 10 years old. We were at Dragon Con here in Atlanta walking around the art show. I told her she could pick a picture, any picture she liked, for her birthday. She picked a framed picture of a bunny sitting in a meadow with a small crystal as a star glued in the sky. As I went to pay for it she held this painting above and was intensely staring at it.

“Do you want that one instead?” I asked.
“No! This is for you.” She answered.
“If you want both I will buy them for you.”
“I want you to have this picture, Mum!”

I bought both pictures and again offered for her to take both of them for her bedroom. And again she refused and calmly said that this picture was for me to enjoy.

For two years I have studied this picture of the Tigress and her Cub. At first, I was just wondering what Lilly saw in this picture that made her insist it was for me. It helped me to remember the other times it felt like Lilly’s soul was reaching out to my soul – telling me things that the English language can’t articulate.

There was the time when she was sitting in her highchair, still too young to talk. Her other grandma, Bella had given her several placemats for her high chair. The one she was pointing at was Hebrew letters. Her sweet little hand was pointing RIGHT to Left the way Hebrew reads. She stopped at each Hebrew letter as she chanted with the same cadence as I have so often heard in a Synagogue (although she was not actually pronouncing the letters accurately). I ran and grabbed my cell phone and tried to get her to do it again. Of course, she would not repeat it again as so often happens in these amazing moments. Having worked with Bruce Greyson, MD studying Near-Death Experiences and Reincarnation, I knew this was the behavior of little children who show past life “traits.”

Lilly must have been Jewish in another lifetime, I reasoned.

There were other “breakthrough” moments with Lilly. Almost all of Ian Stevenson’s and Bruce Greyson’s research has shown that while children are still toddlers, they show these clues and as they grow older they forget them.


Since our children have been forced to wear masks, I have stared more and more at the Tigress picture. As a retired respiratory therapist, I can tell you with first hand knowledge that these masks force us and our children to “rebreathe” our own exhaust fumes – including our own good and bad bacteria. Rebreathe it a few times and it begins to infect our respiratory system. Plus, the mask doesn’t stop viruses from entering our lungs. Viruses are smaller than the mask’s perforations.


Then there is the vaccine. We’ve all heard the stats, and scientifically speaking, anyone who is a “good” (like white hats) scientist knows that the kids should not need the vaccine because the virus is comparable to a cold when they contract it. The vaccine doesn’t give the kids any advantage for healing from the virus – and the side effects can be devastating to the future health of everyone taking it including blood clotting and bleeding.

Why give it to children unless there is an underlying motive that is being hidden?

See American Frontline Doctors:

So, all of us parents and grandparents, let’s look at the Tigress picture again. Because of Stillness in the Storm, Lilly’s pick is not just for me – it’s for all of us.

Look at the way the cub is being held. Notice the way the cub’s paws are holding the arm that is holding him. This picture evokes the way I feel about Lilly and all my grandchildren (not to even know yet what it is going to be like to hold our first great grandchild coming this November.)

While our adult children are taking on their School Boards, it’s time for us to look around and see where our opinions, facts, and energy can be best utilized. It’s time to make signs, march around our state capitals, offer to home school if we have a teaching background, and much more that you can think of to be of service.

One of the most meaningful acts of my lifetime was being daycare for Lilly.

Instead of being dropped off every day at a daycare with more babies than daycare workers, Lilly got the best of the best – both of her grandparents, Mum and Papa every day until first grade.


Then both of Lilly’s parents volunteered at her elementary school – coaching the after-school run club and many other areas where parents could participate.

Of course, my husband and I are slightly partial to our grandkids, but it’s also true that Lilly is exceptional because not just her parents, but her grandparents too (and of course all her grandparents here) are there in every way we can to assure her everything she needs and also tons of love.

Maybe that’s what the Tigress picture is telling us – protect and love our “cubs.”

With all the strife and stress in the world situation now, Lilly’s picture is speaking to all of us. We grandparents need to find our voices and speak up to clean up the mess that is affecting our grandchildren and future generations.

Here’s one of many pictures I love that reminds me of my “duties” as a grandparent:


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