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Finding our Dragon Energy



(Charles Whitfield, MD, Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT) What is Dragon Energy? Who has it? Do you know anyone who might have it?

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / May 18th, 2021

Could any of these have it?

Donald J Trump,

Lin Wood

Sidney Powell

Ron DeSantis

Rudy Giuliani

Mike Flynn

Justin Deschamps


And if you are reading this:

You might too.

How do you know?

  1. You don’t identify (anymore) as a victim of anyone or any group

  2. You are enthusiastic about life, liberty and experiencing happiness

  3. You strive for peace and joy

  4. You see through propaganda or lies

  5. Your energy seems to be expanding 

  6. You sometimes know things that you have no way of knowing (natural knowing)

  7. You’re getting “fed up” with the lies in our government and press

  8. Your empathy is overflowing for the victims of the CABAL.

  9. You can feel God or a Higher Power partnering with our struggle to take back control of our freedom and peace.


In our latest book Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality we go into some detail about our human condition and how to heal from any barriers to being all that we were meant to be. 

Some 4 years ago Kanye West started talking about his own and Trump’s Dragon Energy, we watched and considered the idea. Having attended the wonderful Dragon Con gathering of some 80,000 people most years here in Atlanta, we looked around our home and saw multiple pictures, rugs and china portraying Dragons in various ways as the bringers of courage, wisdom, and creativity. Both Trump, Kanye and we have this kind of Energy in common. It shows up as endless enthusiasm to bring peace to our planet. We want to create a level playing field so that some overbearing elites don’t try to disrupt our freedom. 

To experience our own Dragon Energy, Charlie and Ciruelo (the master painter of Dragons) created a drawing and then a painting that symbolically explains the Hero Journey and awakening into It.  I (CW) painted it in oils here from page 7 of our Dragon Energy book.


We are the Heroes of our personal journey. The man in the picture is each of us. He is moving under (implying humility) and through the three veils.  The first veil is dropping our ego and getting real, the second one is naming everything in our life and life experience correctly – (no more political correctness), and the third veil is experientially connecting to God, the Creator, or Higher Power. Then we are in the fifth dimension or density with our Dragon Energy showing us all new choices for living the life we may have dreamed of but didn’t think was possible.

The key to start this process, as we mentioned above, is “Humility.” Humility is the openness and willingness to learn more about and from self, others, and God as we describe in our book The Power of Humility. (See this and our other books on 

Humility is the opposite of Self-Righteousness and ego attachment which sometimes walls us off from learning from and about self, others, and God.  In our struggles to shed our wounding from our past traumas, we can sometimes create blocks to our healing. These include denial, numbness, arrogance, and blaming others for our problems and pain. They are all barriers to becoming and being our True Self/Child Within. With the release of these learned blocks, we can find out who we really are and how much energy we are capable of when God gives us a constant supply.  Prayer, spiritual contemplation and more give us Humility and our own truth. Our new book, Dragon Energy will not only help you to identify and live in Dragon Energy, but it will also help you to remove the blocks that are keeping you from it.

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