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We are Having a

Global Near-Death Experience



1972, Remember when Helen Reddy sang to us:

“Oh yes, I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can face anything
I am strong
I am invincible”

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L Whitfield MD / June 30, 2021

Now in 2021

The Global political threat we are experiencing right now is huge and if we are paying attention, if we are awake — the “wisdom born of pain” is flowing in like never before on a grand global scale.

We turn on the news and this is the “End.” The mainstream media knows how to grab and Gaslight us. Their constant lies and propaganda can feel like the “perfect storm.” Just when it feels like we can’t take any more of their non-stop negativity and attacks, they make up their next crisis.

This is the way the mainstream media works, they generate crisis after crisis and attack after attack. Think of The Wizard of Oz. Regarding what we were told ─and some of us thought was reality─ has now had the curtain pulled away for us to see the truth. The wizard is screaming at us to put the curtain back, swallow the blue pill and not believe our eyes and ears.

This may be the cabals assumed “end.” It is our new beginning too.  We are waking up to the curtain metaphor – and the propaganda machine is trying to pull the curtain back to where it was and denying what is right here in front of us.

What is happening in this moment for each of us personally gives us two choices – we give in to our fear and withdraw from the world or we find the courage to take the leap into a huge new beginning where we don’t know the answers yet ─ but are willing to go through these end/beginning times with our best intentions to contribute. Our values are transparent. We are patriots who love America, love each other and love the Earth.

The Spirals


Figure from Healing the Child Within by Charles L Whitfield 1987

If we were to keep track of the ups and downs of our life it may look like this spiral above.  If we added our past lives, the spiral would continue forever.

Cycles of Change


If we superimposed over our personal spiral, the spirals that humanity on planet Earth go through – what is happening on our planet right now would make more sense. Scientists like Gregg Braden (see Gaia Network, Missing Links) tell us that right now we are facing a rare convergence of three massive cycles of change. There is evidence which charts the simultaneous peaking of ● economic, ● human conflict, and ● solar cycles. This cycle takes thousands of years to peak for an undetermined (hopefully short amount of time) and then return to a new “Normal.”

So even if our personal life may be on the top of a cycle/spiral right now, humanity is bottoming out from massive cycles of change. And, throwing into the mix, a pandemic/plandemic is progressively raising the fear off the charts. Our mainstream media is adding more heat, but no truth.

What does this all have to do with a Near-Death Experience?

We who have had a near-death experience are not the only ones who had the curtain pulled away. Seeing the Truth and living our truth is another great personal and individual awakening. And there are other triggers to awaken:

⦁ Childbirth
⦁ Deep prayer
⦁ Meditation
⦁ Loss of a loved one
⦁ Helping someone die
⦁ Psychedelics
⦁ Yoga
⦁ Acupuncture
⦁ Deep sexual experience
⦁ Detox from alcoholism
⦁ Overwhelming loss
⦁ Trauma/transcendence interface



It’s that last one, trauma/transcendence that many of us may be being “triggered” by right now. The convergence of our global and local political conflicts, the Chinese Virus that has crippled our economy, and solar cycles (not “climate change” but normal weather and solar cycles that have been tracked long before modern technology) has created the perfect storm for trauma/transcendence.

Stillness in the Storm recently published a video interview that Barbara did 5 years ago with Jeff Mishlove of Thinking Allowed. It was about the after-effects for people who have nearly died and transcended this reality. It’s called “A Near-Death Experience. (NDE)” She also talked about another trigger to transcend into an alternate reality ─Trauma/transcendence. Some traumatic experiences are so painful that the person transcends just like in an NDE. (Lehmann A. The Trauma/Transcendence Interface: The Convergence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Transcendent Experience.)

When we are in acute traumatic stress, if we don’t resolve it quickly, we may then move into post-traumatic stress disorder.

From the moment that Trump moved into the White House, even before that, we witnessed the CABAL trying to hurt him. We saw them breaking laws, lying, cheating in any way they could to get Trump in trouble and out of office.

We watched the CABAL pushing their elitism on us. We watched them turn dark, mean, and nasty! And they aimed it all at Trump. It hurt us deeply as observers through the whole 4 years.

Then it got even worse when we watched the 2020 election. They took away our right to a fair election. Our local politicians lied to us. The theft was soon obvious. Our trauma worsened with the whole politicizing of COVID. The CABAL knows how to continue our fear in any way they can make up and they’ve used all these fear weapons on us.

They wouldn’t let us use the medicines that would have helped. They turned our physicians against each other. They made a mockery of Science. They jabbed our children and grandchildren with toxic “spike proteins” when they didn’t need a “vaccine.” And now they are hitting us again with more fake threats such as “Delta Variant Hysteria.”

And what have we learned:

Delta variant hysteria exposes the sobering truth: Covid vaccines don’t work!

The CABAL accused us of crimes they actually paid their people to do (some of them organized while wearing MAGA hats and gear) – they weren’t “us.” And they accuse us of everything they are secretly doing while calling us names like “Deplorables.” Some of our our friends and family that can’t see or understand what we are observing may think we are the crazy ones. All the while, they are trying to choke us with political correctness.

Add to our pain, the CABALs sexualization of our children and horrific leaks describing Satanic rituals against children.

What is The Journey?

How does our Soul evolve? We each Evolve (grow, develop, progress, and advance) by going on a Journey of and within our current life now by studying it and learning from each of our experiences.

Our lives are not just about experiencing. Our lives are about learning what each experience has to show us. Over time, this can become wisdom. Enfolded in our wisdom is the living truth that we are desiring to be cooperative – not competitive. Everything will work better when we all on this beautiful blue planet wake up to a cooperative life with all creatures big and small.

Over time, having the courage to face what is still unknown, and knowing that- painful or blissful- there is something to learn – our wisdom grows.

And with it, our box of beliefs, true or false that we have collected throughout this lifetime, falls away. We realize that we are the Hero of our Journey. From A Course in Miracles, The Journey is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.


The After-Effects of Trauma/Transcendence

The after-effects of Trauma/Transcendence are the same as a near-death experience. First, ● a painful sense of isolation because we have a different worldview now and even doubt our own sanity. Second, a ● new closeness to God because we turn to our God Source in our isolation. And then as Helen Reddy sang to us— ● a new wisdom born of pain.

To Illustrate, here is a poem I, Barbara wrote after my NDE and at the beginning of my “new life.”

The Beginning
I sit patiently, now
In my solitude
Awaiting the dawn
Of my release…
Knowing a death has
Too cautious still
To announce my rebirth.
But starting to sense my need
For lessons in crawling,
Then walking.
So I may eventually Skip
And Dance
And Live
To my hearts Own Content.

So, imagine we as a global group are sitting and waiting to be released into a new world where we can live to our “hearts own content.” A world where “as we go one, we go all!” A world where the media has transcended from lies to truth.

A world where we all care about each other and at the same time retain and celebrate our own unique self. A world where children are protected and allowed to stay innocent. A world where the governments are small and people rule. We will be logical and loving, fair and whole with our community supporting these ideals. We may even have a direct relationship with God, not needing a middle organization to connect us.

Starting Now

So as part of this global rebirth, we are all going through together, here’s our first “project”. Next time, and it will be soon, let’s join together and not react! The black hats are going to throw another catastrophe at us, a false flag (FF) and maybe two (and probably more) to distract us from their ongoing oppression. Let’s see through it! Let’s watch them react. Let’s hold our peace, our authentic selves. Let’s pray. Let’s be there for others who are just now beginning to wake up. Let’s stay awake and to help us stay calm, keep repeating:

Where we go one, we go all!

God Bless our family!

God Bless our community!

God Bless America!

God Bless our World!

God bless all the Worlds, everywhere!

Lehmann A. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities
With a Concentration in East-West Psychology. California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA 2010
Charles L Whitfield 1987 Healing the Child Within Health Communications, Deerfield Beach FL
Charles L Whitfield, Barbara Whitfield. Dragon Energy: Myth and Reality. Muse House Press, Atlanta, GA

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