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OpED: When does This End?



(Barbara H Whitfield RT) Here I sit— 78 years old, mother of 3, Grandmother of 8, soon to be a great grandmother.
Worldly accomplishments – reasonable, author of 5 published books, co-author of 6 more. Lectured for years while a psych researcher and my audiences walked away feeling good – hopeful.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / June 16th, 2021

Where has the hope gone? It’s hiding somewhere behind the insanity that has taken over our lives –perhaps unknowingly — and it has taken over globally. It’s not just us here in the “states.” Friends in other countries report the same insanity. I’m not telling you anything new. It has oozed into every crack and cranny of our 3D world.

We wait and we wait for all this to end so we can go back to our “real” life. But our real-world the way it was is not coming back. And only God knows what the new normal will be.

I have just lived through our first family gathering in over a year. It was different from the family gatherings before COVID happened. No physical warmth. Short tempers. Insinuations. Vaccination discussions were off-limits. Our children and our grandchildren being between shots. Even the baby in utero has gotten jabbed through her mother.

My husband and I try not to think about the implications of spike proteins coming off our loved ones. We sip pine needle tea and take our NAC supplements because we will not take the “jab” and these supplements are recommended by some scientists..

How did this all happen? I try not to think about it but honestly, I am just as guilty as everyone else for either looking the other way or living asleep. We slept through the biggest political takeover ever witnessed by humanity. And thanks to technology, we get to see it all as it happens – live and in living color. The stress for those of us who are aware is overwhelming.

Why wouldn’t my adult children listen when we explained to them that their children, our grandchildren didn’t need the “Jab,” and certainly not twice. Their ability to heal quickly from COVID is much greater than their chances of complications and even death from the Jab.

Years ago, a pediatrician new to us and with an injection in his hand for my newborn grandchild told me, “You either trust science or you don’t!”

I trust real science. I don’t trust politics. And our brainwashed adult children can’t tell the difference.

I am a deeply spiritual person. I experience my own personal relationship with an incredibly intelligent Energy we call “God.” I am talking and praying to God about all this all the time.

I even have a strong sense that Trump is being helped, guided by this God Force. Trump is as human and imperfect as the rest of us but he also has an uncanny way of knowing his adversaries and when to make the next move.

My only comfort right now comes from one of the pundits who said, “Quit dwelling on the dates this will all unfold and try to comprehend the immensity of this all!”

If this all goes the way we hope – it will continue exposing the evil in the world. It will save thousands of innocent children, stop the drug cartels, and on and on. Evil takes many forms and if I believe my heart – evil is being exposed and eradicated.

We don’t watch TV anymore. It is either shallow and doesn’t hold our interest or it lies. The mainstream media is so bad it would be funny if it wasn’t so evil – covering up the truth, especially about this jab. The Politicians call it a “vaccine.” It is not. It is not approved of by the FDA or any other credible authority worldwide.

Right now, at our family gathering, I witness the after-effects of a two-week shutdown that has lasted over a year. My family is in shock and they don’t even know it. Everybody is tense. They are limited by PC (Political correctness) that they bought into.

I am scared to even start to reason what comes next. I’m afraid to hang my hope on those that “rule” us right now. A painful example is John Roberts, our chief justice. Instead of virtue signally—he should get out of the way and let justice do its job.

As I started writing this I thought it was a journal entry. But as I end it, I wonder how many other parents and/or grandparents feel the same way. So I offer this to you the reader in hopes that it will help you sort some of these experiences out if you can identify them.

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