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Kundalini Experiences Questionnaire


Please answer “Yes,” “No,” or “not sure” for each of the following questions:

1. Does your body ever move spontaneously, without your wanting it to?
2. Does your body ever assume strange positions and hold them for some time?
3. Does your breathing spontaneously become very rapid, or shallow, or deep, or does it ever stop for an extended period?
4. Does your body ever become locked into a certain position, so that you cannot move it?
5. Does your skin or the inside of your body sometimes tingle, vibrate, itch, or tickle, for no apparent reason?
6. Do you ever have physical sensations of any type start in your feet, legs, or pelvis, and move up the back and neck to the top of the head, down the forehead, over the face, then to the throat, and end in the abdomen? (Answer “Yes” if you definitely have experienced part of this pattern.)
7. Do you ever feel a deep ecstatic tickle or a feeling like an orgasm for no apparent reason?
8. Do you ever have extreme feelings of heat or cold move through your body?
9. If so, have those extreme temperatures ever affected (i.e., burned) someone else or some object?
10. Have you ever “seen” internal lights or colors light up parts of your body?
11. If so, has that light ever been bright enough to enable you to see clearly in a darkened room?
12. Have you ever heard internal voices?
13. Have you heard other internal noises, such as whistling, hissing, chirping, roaring, or flute-like sounds?
14. Have you ever felt pains in specific parts of your body that began abruptly and then, after some time, ended abruptly, for no apparent reason?
15. Do you ever have sudden intense feelings of ecstasy, bliss, peace, love, devotion, joy, or cosmic harmony, for no apparent external reason?
16. Do you ever have sudden intense feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, hatred, or confusion, for no apparent external reason?
17. Do your thoughts ever speed up, slow down, or stop altogether?

18. Do you ever feel that you are watching all that is happening, including your own thoughts or feelings, from a distance – and while you are watching as if you are a detached bystander, your activities go on as usual?
19. Do you ever experience yourself to be physically larger than your actual body?


Interpreting your score: The Kundalini experience is not any form of a mental illness. It is a unique pattern of physiological and psychological effects. It is not pathological. But if you tell most any health professional that you may have any one of or a few of these signs or symptoms─ from MDs to nurses to counselors ─they will likely not think of Kundalini or a spiritual awakening.

Bruce Greyson suggests that ‘these data also bolster the claim that Kundalini is a natural process' (ibid. p. 54). He also concludes that ‘certain specific physio-kundalini symptoms can be identified as being particularly helpful in differentiating kundalini awakening from mental illness’ (ibid. p. 56).

If you have 4 to 8 ‘yes’ answers to the physio-kundalini symptoms above, we suggest that you would learn how to handle the signs and symptoms by
• Reading Barbara’s book Spiritual Awakenings, see
• An expert acupuncturist who knows Kundalini,
• A Kundalini Yoga instructor, or an Ayurveda medicine practitioner, and
• Use regular prayer and meditation. Avoid general physicians, psychiatrists and most nurses for these symptoms. Avoid taking psychiatric drugs.

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