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NRN • New Right Network - March 24, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield

Today’s mutual dilemma is COVID-19. We each have to deal with this and the many other issues we each face. Re-framing ourselves will help us manage each.

NRN • New Right Network - March 4, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L. Whitfield

Trump Derangement Syndrome, (TDS) arguably started with Hillary Clinton. It has since morphed into a common affliction among die-hard leftists.

NRN • New Right Network - February 25, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield

In the tragedy of what became known as the Mariel Boat Landing in 1980, thousands of Cubans risked their lives to escape Communism and reach our shores.

NRN • New Right Network - February 6, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield

Anxiety and depression are real, but normal mental responses to events in our lives. There are ways of managing and overcoming these which...

By Excellence Reporter on January 24, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield

If you’re interested in a Netflix original propaganda infomercial from the Left, Messiah might be your next binge series.

NRN • New Right Network - January 7, 2020

Barbara Harris Whitfield

Local community gathers to address Jew hate and confront it head on. A personal story from a NRN contributor who attended the gathering. A MUST READ!

NRN • New Right Network - September 7, 2019

Barbara Harris Whitfield

A researcher remembers her near death experience, and makes a compelling...

NRN • New Right Network - February 3, 2019

Barbara Harris Whitfield

Medicinal marijuana is coming to your state, if it hasn’t arrived already. Here’s what you need to know about this increasingly prescribed compound...

From The International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 22 (2010)

Charles L. Whitfield, MD

Depending on how we look at it, trauma can be simple, complex, or somewhere in between. In its simpler form it is any serious injury to the body, often...

By Excellence Reporter on February 3, 2020

Excellence Reporter: Barbara, what is the meaning of life?

Barbara Harris Whitfield: I had a near-death experience many years ago...

Bruce Greyson MD with Barbara Harris Whitfield RT

Please answer “Yes,” “No,” or “not sure” for each of the following questions:
1. Does your body ever move spontaneously, without your wanting it to?

Barbara Harris Whitfield’s book "The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana"

My first position in health care was in a hospital Emergency room and Intensive Care Unit and then went on to do home care for the dying.

Article in THE COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE Sept. 28, 2014 by Stephen Hobbs

About 1,000 show up in Colorado Springs for veterans’ marijuana giveaway.

A free cannabis giveaway at a Colorado Springs hotel Saturday attracted about...

Bruce Greyson, M.D. - University of Virginia

Barbara Harris Whitfield’s post-operative near-death experience (NDE) in 1975 transformed her from a materially-oriented housewife and mother into a spiritual crusader (Whitfield’s NDE is included below). She went back to college to become a healthcare...

Chapter Two excerpt from "The Power of Humility", 2006

We offer this chapter from our 2006 book The Power of Humility: Choosing peace over conflict in relationships because we believe that humility is the most important ingredient for a smooth spiritual awakening. We define humility as having the openness and...

bw out of body cropped.jpeg

Chapter One excerpt from Barbara's book Final Passage

My work with dying people probably would have never come about if I hadn't died myself. I know that sounds strange. How many of us die and get to come back and talk about it? Not many -- we may think -- but that's not true. In 1984, a Gallup poll reported...

Charles L. Whitfield, MD

© 1998 American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 14, Number 4

Trauma is any event, usually a non-ordinary one, that harms the body, self, or spirit. It covers a broad range of hurtful experiences, including traumas that involve the physical...

Barbara Harris Whitfield from her book "Spiritual Awakenings"

WHAT CHANGES US IN A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING? One thing to consider is that we may have had a powerful energy force activated within us. One name that has been...

From Charles L. Whitfield's 1987 book "Healing the Child Within"

1. I have numerous choices in my life beyond mere survival.

2. I have a right to discover and know my Child Within.

3. I have a right to grieve over what I didn't get that I needed or what I got ...

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