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“Dear Family, Please Believe Me, This Is Happening!” a Letter from a Concerned Mother



(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article is an impassioned appeal and warning of potential unrest, written by a concerned mother. Some have suggested that when the Arizona audit results are released this Friday, the dark hats will trigger riots and civil unrest. Of course, we don’t know with absolute certainty if this will come to pass. But it is a fair warning to make. Please take precautions in case of an emergency. Also be careful who you share this information with. While we want to warn as many people as possible, the fact is, only those who are willing to hear the truth will do so. The rest will scoff at the notion, and therefore, sharing this information with them might risk your relationship with them. Furthermore, a close-minded person, who is happily gulping down mainstream media talking points, might even consider you a threat for merely taking the warning seriously.

For what it’s worth, I would rather have prepared for the worst, and have what I need, than to have the worst come to pass, and be caught unawares.

 – Justin

By Barbara Harris Whitfield and Charles L Whitfield MD / September 21, 2021

Dear Family,

This Friday, Maricopa County AZ is announcing the outcome of the audit which didn’t just recount votes, but went over everything and it’s going to start riots again like last summer. (We already know [have absolute proof] that the Biden team cheated like crazy in Arizona and we have proof here in Georgia that the same thing happened here.)


Two “paid for” groups, Black Lives Matter and Antifa will be dressed in red MAGA (Trump) hats and shirts so the Mainstream Media can claim we, the Trump Folk are burning our cities down. We know this is going to happen and we are being told to stay home — not demonstrate.

History is repeating itself.

The Jews were despised by the German’s just before WWII. The government used propaganda to make the Germans hate the Jews before they started exterminating them. Historians are sounding the alarm and it is quite evident that our government (Regime) is turning the vaccinated against those who chose to use their own immune system and not get the vaccine (which is totally validated by scientific research). I have had COVID and recently I had Delta. My immune system, according to science is 17 times more effective against COVID than the vaccine. And I took HCQ which got me through it in 5 days with no side or after-effects— at age 78!

This is not about Trump anymore. He may or may not come back. This is about the future of our country and the world. Do we bend to the Fascism that has quietly invaded and enveloped our country including: *K-12 (and Critical Race Theory), *Colleges (no free speech anymore), *TV and radio news (Have you noticed that they all use the same talking points all the time because they are being dictated to by one source), *Social Media (they control what we can and can’t say and they have kicked us off for daring to be pro-capitalism, pro-constitution, etc), *Politics (the Black Hats dictate the talking points every news cycle), *Health “care” systems and *Over 160 other countries on this planet. *The Main Stream Media will not tell the truth. They are a wing of the dark hats. Learn more about how propaganda works.

This isn’t Dems against Republicans or progressives against conservatives.

This is evil people we refer to as the Black or Dark hats v. the White hats.

There are plenty of bad Republicans, especially in congress. There are military dark hats and military white hats.

The riots that are coming are actually a distraction for us to not absorb the real outcome of the 2020 election. The black hats will pull other despicable stuff that we don’t even know about yet to distract us. Think: China and Fauci. There is proof (His own words) that he lied to Congress and is in bed with China.

For those of you who have a relationship with God, this is Good V. Evil. This is HUGE,  Biblical in proportion — the turning point for Humanity. “Shit” will start hitting the fan again Friday and you are going to be overloaded with shock.

Please believe me, this is happening. And believe me when I write that this needs to happen. We will win. We will be free again. Our constitution will save our freedom. But if we continue on this path we are on, the black hats have pushed us on, we—and the rest of the world—will be slaves to the regime.

Store filtered water in clean containers, have plenty of long-lasting food on hand and fill your bathtub with water to flush the toilets if our water is turned off. Be aware that they may take us offline for a while. Do you have an emergency radio?

My mother-in-law used to tell us things we didn’t want to hear and we would laugh and make fun of her. Meanwhile, looking back, she was warning us about real things that really hurt our family and especially the young girls in the family.

I love you all deeply! Even those of you who think I am crazy! Get ready. This is real!


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