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Rethinking our “Healthcare” Model



Just because something “evolves” doesn’t make it “right” or appropriate for “Modern” times.

By Barbara Harris Whitfield / December 3rd, 2021

Let us explain. Between the two of us, we have worked, served, and donated our knowledge, intuition, and compassion in medicine for 100 years. Charles has taught internal medicine, psychiatry, and addiction medicine in medical schools where he was also one of the founders of Trauma Psychology. He has been in private practice for over 50 years. While he was in his residency, I was training to be an X-ray tech. I went on to run an orthopedic practice and then back to school for respiratory therapy. Eventually, I left physical medicine and became a psych researcher. He and I taught together and separately at Rutger’s Universities Institute for Alcohol and Drug Studies for some 32 years total. Over the decades between the two of us, we have published countless scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles and have authored or co-authored 24 books on healing.

In our initial training, we learned that many centuries ago medicine started out as an “Art.” When the “art of healing” became a category of it’s own it moved into our universities and critical thinking was lost. The “art” of healing and natural healing took a back burner and rational thought became the “name of the game.” Somewhere in there, the medical “Model” became “better living through chemistry.” And our scientists started figuring out how we could swallow little pieces of unnatural synthetic chemistry to take care of every complaint or symptom. Our medical model became “science” and all the ideas for strengthening our immune system were delegated to a category labeled “Old wives tales.” Or THROWING OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATH WATER.

So here Charles and I sit, 100 years of “Professional” work behind us, helping and learning as we went along, constantly reading the latest in medical research but never forgetting that we are practicing an “art” where the practitioner’s presence is also part of the “healing process.”

So here we sit, 100 years of healing work behind us and the most valuable part of our helping/healing experiences recorded in self-help books and scholarly journals. (see The Healing Web by Dylan Louis Monroe and his two colleagues which sorts out the two sides of this long-term concern with natural medicine vs. synthetic medicine).

What is different today is that we are now patients in this “healthcare industry.” The art of medicine which became the science of medicine is now the Healthcare Industry. Suffering with COVID for the past ten days, we have observed that somewhere between the Art becoming the Science and finally now an “Industry” we lost the “Compassion.” Somewhere it was replaced by sorting symptoms and taking pills for those symptoms. Then we take more pills to cover the “side effects” (or may we dare call them “toxic” effects).

Personally speaking, we have just experienced 10 days of “raw” COVID flu and there have been moments, hours and a couple of days where I was on the edge of panic. My oxygen levels were low and I could barely walk. If I went to the hospital who would care for my husband? No one will go near us because we have COVID. There were moments, even hours and a few days where he was so sick he didn’t know where he was. If we took him to the hospital we would have to just drop him off and not be able to see him until (God willing) he was all right to come home. Just having lived through this I can tell you first hand that there is little to no humanity with this view.

We have no answers to this dilemma, only years of experience in this “industry” that we have watched slip away into dollars and cents/sense. We know that true healing has an ineffable element between healer and healee which has been lost and not even noticed is gone.

I sat here watching my husband labor overtaking each breath. When his breathing got really bad I had the choice of dropping him off at the Emergency Dept. of our local hospital or holding his hand and praying. And when my breathing became just as labored I could be dropped off myself and let go into a system where I am the enemy because I/we didn’t take the vaccine aka The Jab.

The Germans blamed the Jews in WWII. Now the “unvaccinated” are being blamed.

As natural medicine and science-based health care workers, we will not allow ourselves to be given injections when no one will tell us what exactly is in the vaccine vile!! My husband and countless other physicians and scientists worldwide have long agreed.

We just got a negative  COVID test result last evening. Now we stay isolated for another ten days hoping that will be long enough to get our strength back. At 78 and 83 we have had suffered this acute illness. Yes, we are victims of COVID. But even worse, COVID has shown us how victimized our “Medical Model” is. It’s not working. It is void of humanity. It is about money, and…

Our health care workers who so bravely stood at the front line from the beginning are now facing these ridiculous mandates. We are losing our rights and our freedoms because COVID is a vehicle to distract us while our ridiculous government tries endlessly to get us to line up in neat rows of zombies. But this is a different story, a bigger one that is going by without being acknowledged.

Having no answers, only observations and being old and very tired from COVID, the last thing we will write here is: Please speak up! Please do your own research so you will believe us and make a difference. Please help us so we don’t lose the most precious country the world has ever known.

My husband went outside the other night to get the mail. He slipped and fell on the leaves. A total stranger was walking by and helped my husband back into the house. Then he went and got his blower, came back and cleared the leaves on our driveway, and walk. Can we all be like that again? Can we help our neighbor even if we don’t know him? Can humanity come back to unite us again?

Our medical model has dwindled in credibility worldwide. There are countless physicians and scientists worldwide who understand this and write about it with clarity. Do your own research and then find ways to speak up. We recommend you start by reading Peter and Ginger Breggin’s timely and phenomenally detailed book COVID -19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey with introductions by COVID- 19  physicians Peter a McCullough MD, MPH, Elizabeth Viliet MD, and Vladimir Zelenko, MD

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